MONDAY 20/2/2017 Doors open at 7:30 Felled: Brogan Drissell Metadata: Christopher Meerdo Untitled: Brogan Drissell Mindframe: Jake Fried INTERMISSION With Innocent Wide Full Gull Eyes: Brogan Drissell I Anoint Thee (Ritual 3): Meg Noe A Unexpected or Casual Meeting With Someone or Something: Danielle Wakin Ljosold: Guðmundur Garðarsson
THURSDAY 23/2/2017 Doors open at 6:30 The Ravishing of LOL Stein: Lucy Augustine INTERMISSION Purple Noise: Þórir Höskuldsson Down With Domestic Trash: Søren Thilo Funder God is Working his Purpose out: Dan Black Real Vs Fake: Zachary Hutchinson Rumble Bumble: Zachary Hutchinson INTERMISSION Between Object, Scene and Institutional Space: Jonas Georg Christensen Sirkus: Thorgeir Gudmundsson, Bjarni Grimsson and Gabriela Fridriksdottir PANEL TALK
FRIDAY 24/2/2017 Doors open at 2:00 Perishable: Alex Westfall Dancing on Ice: Caitlin Hespe Grandmas are awake: Edurne Urrestarazu The self is the swan is the self is the swan: Cara Levine INTERMISSION Flat Earth: Evan & Elva Fellers Exmazed; Ronette: Evan & Elva Fellers Bird: Lars Leonhardt PANEL TALK
SATURDAY 25/2/2017 Doors open at 4:30 The Silence of the Strings: Laura Tack Dance of the Lingering Souls: Mabel Nash-Greenberg Repeat this Phrase: Amanda Brannin INTERMISSION Spring Fever: Robert Merritt Palme: Malte Starck 3 Women: Isabelle Mcguire INTERMISSION FAR: Jokull Snaer
SUNDAY 26/2/2017 Doors open at 4:00 Awards Ceremony
TUESDAY 21/2/2017 Doors open at 7:30 Holding hands: Montse Cruz All Blossoms Fell in Potential Lonely Gardens: Laura Tack Memory Study: Thomas Brown Lullaby for a Witch: Aneta Panek The Sunken Convent: Michael Panduro INTERMISSION The Space Behind a Window: Kamilla Gylfadóttir INTERMISSION Intro to ODE ODE: Kim Richard Adler Mejdahl WEDNESDAY 22/2/2017 Doors open at 3:00 Tears: Fabian Wigren Things I Saw in Spain England Denmark and France: Lara Parker Ill move to Berlin After I take My Shower: Lara Parker 30 Second Love Songs: Kimmo Virtanen Doors open at 7:30 Blue: Philippe Clause Sleeping District: Tinne Zenner Dalur: Jón Hammer FLOC: Olivia Costa