Doors open at 7:30PM show starts at 8:00PM

Total time approx 1 houR


Avengers (420)                                   Sam Meier                                                       00:01:41


Contusion                                           Amanda Brannin                                              00:13:43


Balloonfest                                         Nathan Truesdell                                              00:06:00


Pinakothek                                         Theodore Chin                                                 00:14:30


Eyjahaf                                               Katla Gunnarsdóttir                                          00:04:22


Into The Night                                    Lina Brogaard Ottosen                                     00:05:00


Mushroom Trip                                  Christopher Tym                                               00:14:26


Q&A Behind The Screen at 9:15 PM

with Amanda Brannin & Katla Gunnarsdottir

Avengers 420 - Sam Meier -



:Forum Guys channel the Marvel Universe Avengers to fight against the Forces of Evil.

Contusion - Amanda Brannin - 00:13:43


:Fell off my bike.

BALLOONFEST - Nathan Truesdell -



:Cleveland attempts to overcome its nickname 'The Mistake by the Lake' by launching a bunch of balloons.



Pinakothek - Theodore Chin -




:Pinakothek follows an unseen protagonist searching for companionship in an eponymous online art archive.


Eyjahaf - Katla Gunnarsdottir -



:An insight into volunteers relationship

 with the sea.

Into the night - Lina BROgaard Ottosen -00:05:00


:It is about dreams, decorations and a loser's game





Soð - Mushroom Trip - Christopher Tym -



:Soð is an Icelandic cooking show but this episode is different: It started when Christopher Tym asked fellow artist and cook Kristinn Guðmundsson (the show's creator) if he could guest direct an episode of the show, but after the first draft went very wrong, the final result ended up becoming a bizarre self-reflexive film about friendship, cooking and film-making.



Doors open at 3:30PM show starts at 4:00PM

Total time approx 1 hour 45 minutes


Inventing Tomorrow      -         Laura Nix                01:45:00


INVEnting tomorrow - laura nix-




:INVENTING TOMORROW follows six young scientists from Indonesia, Hawaii, India and Mexico as they tackle some of the most complex environmental issues facing humanity today – right in their own backyards.

Doors open at 7:30PM show starts at 8:00PM

Total time approx 1 hour


2000 Women Named Stacy                          Jess Darnell                                             00:10:07


Conversations Animées                                Lara Well                                                  00:05:22


A Never Ending Bath Bomb                          Sarah Ann Banks                                     00:02:30


Manhunt!                                                       Robert Merritt                                           00:05:00


Letter                                                             Alex Westfall                                            00:05:26


What is this? A serenade?                            Kevin Scutchfield                                     00:23:25


Axman                                                           Lars Leonhardt & Brendan Cooney         00:15:00


Q&A Behind The Screen at 9:15 PM with Jess Darnell & Sarah Ann Banks



:2000 WOMEN NAMED STACY is an exploration of online fetishism as a larger analogy for the eurocentric gaze in pornography. Other themes include desire for control, self-degradation, and performative roles for a camera. Functioning as a moving digital collage of appropriated materials from Youtube, quicksand fetish websites, and pornography; the Stacy's present themselves to the viewer as both Aggressor and Sacrifice.

Conversations animées - LARA WELL -



:Conversations animées is a conversation between body, space and art.

A never ending bath bomb -

sarah ann banks -



:The world is a never ending bath bomb. It is constantly updating, ever changing, beautiful, and seemingly pointless. The world refurbishes itself based on the objects and trends it is given, and bodies respond.


MANHUNT! - bob MERRITT & sneal -



:It is maybe the single largest manhunt in our nation's history.




:What happens when you return to the place that made you who you are?

what is this? a serenade?-

kevin scutchfield -



: A skateboard movie filmed within the city limits of Chicago, IL & Detroit, MI, USA, over the course of the months March thru September of 2018.

AXman - Lars Leonhardt and Brendan Cooney -



: Arctic Greenland is a stunning expanse. The few peoples who have managed to survive here over the past few thousand years do not live as they used to. Colonialism has bled them and modernity put them in flimsy houses and clothes. It's a different kind of survival now, of the soul not the body. And to stare too long into the landscape is to feel yourself disappear. How can there be any meaning in a place so devoid of life? And yet here, as anywhere farther south, burns the passion of a man trying to figure out how to reconcile what burns within with the world around him, his existence, direction, and the remains of his family.


Doors open at 7:30 show starts at 8:00

Total time approx 1 hour and 13 minutes


Confessions Of Pride                                            Coco Ardal                                      00:07:00


Marina And The Diamonds Happy On Repeat     Don Washington                              00:03:22


Female Shirt                                                         Amiko Li                                           00:01:24


Den Nat Vi Faldt                                                   Cille Hannibal                                  00:43:00


Face Mask                                                           Jake Fried                                        00:01:00


Whale For An Ear                                                Korallia Stergides                             00:03:13


Dark Water To Pennine                                       Katie Elisa Fiore                                00:10:00


Look Back                                                           Lauren Beck                                      00:16:00


Q&A Behind The Screen at 9:15 PM

with Katie Elisa Fiore, Korallia Stergides, and Lauren Beck

Noter om forfængelighed ( CONFESSIONS OF PRIDE) - Coco Ardal -




:Through a video diary featuring men from my past I try to come to terms with feelings of rejection and pride.


Marina and the Diamonds Happy on repeat - DON WASHINGTON -




:Birthed from listening to Happy from Marina and the Diamonds for 4 plus hours. I was tryin to make myself happy. feel and produce the feeling of happy.


Female shirt - Amiko li  -



:In Female Shirt, I collaborated with three young actresses. The video chronicles their recitation of my diary when I was fifteen. In the video, some details were forgotten, and some were invented.

Den nat vi faldt - Cille Hannibal -



:Mette’s life changes instantly and irrevocably, when her husband, Per, dies in a tragic accident. To have a reason for being around her mother documentary filmmaker Cille Hannibal, picks up her camera and starts filming.

face mask - jake fried



:Experimental animation with video collage.


Whale for an ear - Korallia Stergides  -



:The film is an abstract representation of the ocean and how it resonates with an idea of home.

Dark Water to Pennine - Katie Elisa Fiore -



:Travelling like the echoes of the drill from the fracking site in Lancashire to Pendle Hill- a ‘magical’ hill made up of layers of ancient carboniferous rocks, the work acts as an ecological protest, a mourning song & a proposal for different ways of thinking. It thinks about the rocks as layers of deep time & the affect of the sound of the ecological crisis.

LOOK BACK- Lauren Beck  -



:“Look Back” asks what it means to return to a place that has been lost. The story examines the unexpected possibilities of what can happen when that reckoning proves impossible.


Doors open at 7:30 show starts at 8:00

Total time approx 1 hour and 10 minutes


Resonance                                     Jesse Clark, Elias Pack                                     00:28:57


Lot W                                              Elise Schierbeek                                                00:05:47


Beige Baby                                     Jonathan Leib                                                    00:09:52


This Country Is Lonely                    Jaco Bouwer                                                      00:18:00


Truth Exists                                     Sean O'Brien                                                     00:00:00


Everything Looks Different In The Desert     Siobhan Schuck & Stevie Southard    00:10:15


Q&A Behind The Screen at 9:15 PM

with Siobahn Schuck, Stevie Southard, Elise Schierbeek, Sean O'Brien

resonance - jesse clark and Elias pack -




Waves don't die

Let me crash here for the moment

I don't need to own it

No lie

Waves don't die, baby

Let me crash here for a moment

Baby I don't, I don't need to own you

(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah...)"

Lot W - Elise Schierbeek -



;A virtual camera tours the viewer through a nuclear waste burial site named 'Lot W' which doubles as the abstract interior of a facial recognition software named 'Medusa'.

Beige Baby - Jonathan Leib -



;We join our protagonist for a chat about her life with divorced parents— with a hilarious twist!

this country is lonely - Jaco Bouwer -



:The film is not only an study in the dehumanising aspects of the digital platforms in self representation in the 21st century but also as a comment on the reverse camouflage of decolonisation

Truth exists - Sean o'brien




Everything Looks Different in The Desert

 - Siobahn Schuck and Stevie SoutharD  -



:a fantasy we were dropped into

but never allowed to participate in

trying to find

       the everyday,

                 infinitely more spectacular by

the beauty of mystery

simulated experiences over things,

continuous movement with no destination.

Pointlessness is the ultimate freedom when,

you can create your own meaning.


Doors open at 7:30 show starts at 8:00

Total time: 1 hour


Lichs Dream                             Hugo Zesati                                                              00:20:26


Måndagsfika                             Cajsa Godée with Ann & Mats                                   00:01:51


KTB                                           Lyla Taube                                                                 00:01:38


Grand St.                                  Banyi Huang and Nb Zhong                                      00:06:26


Creation Of Man                       Coco Ardal                                                                 00:04:00


The Water Slide                        Nathan Truesdell                                                       00:09:10


Gift In The Fjord of Fire             Nad Nworb                                                               00:40:00


Q&A Behind The Screen at 9:15 PM

with the cast and crew of "Gift In The Fjord Of Fire"

Lichs dream -hugo zesati



:A journey into the dark depths of a strange world, perhaps inhabited by some sort of intelligent life. The apparent presence of being is replaced and by a deferred non-origin, represented by the ghost of that which is neither present, nor absent, neither dead nor alive.

måndagsfika - Cajsa Godée Ann & Mats



: Dance films that I did with my parents

KTB - Lyla Taube -



:May 2013 Lakeview Chicago. In the sun we play with bugs. I fell off my bike to get the bruise. I loved her before I met her.

Grand St. - Banyi Huang and Nb Zhong -



:Grand St. generates a fluid zone between the external space of consumption and the interiority of the subject.

Creation of Man - Coco Ardal  -



:What does the sixteenth chapel have in common with PornHub? A reflection on the peculiarities of the modern human.

THe water slide - Nathan Truesdell -



:Tragedy strikes at the world's tallest water slide.




GIft in the fjord of fire-  Nad nworb-



: Something is fishy in the fjord. Will Finley manage to escape this mess? It is all connected. Somehow.