This February, Flat Earth Film Festival 2019 (FEFF) will return to Herðubreið Community and Culture Center in the thriving creative town of Seyðisfjörður, Iceland.


For one week, FEFF brings to life the spirit of cinema in East Iceland, a region where no other movie theaters currently operate.


Over 100 international films have screened at FEFF in its first two years. The festival shows content from all skill levels, anyone from fine artists, industry professionals, to amateurs. All films, big and small, big budget or none at all are shown with equal distinction.


 Flat Earth Film Festival dedicates itself to the spirit of cinema and the irreplaceable magic of going to a movie theater.


Flat Earth Cinema was born from a Sunday night cinema club started in Seyðisfjörður, Iceland. It grew into a film festival in 2017 and accompanies

List í Ljósi to light up the town in February each year. Flat Earth Cinema and it’s festival is run by Austin Thomasson (US) and Dæja Hansdottir (US/IS).


Theater at Herðubreið Community and Culture Center